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  • 12 years' international experience in research & consultancy in the water treatment and green technology
  • Data analysis and research methodologies
  • Strong collaborative approach across continents and cultures with intensive stakeholder engagement
  • Focused on commercial side of green technology, econometric analysis, policy making, cost-benefit analysis
  • Technology: Water, wastewater, soil and general environmental technologies for sustainability
  • IT skills: MS Office, CorelDraw, SPSS, Origin Pro, STATA, Scientific Workplace, Design Expert, SmartDraw, GanttProject, AutoCad 2D & 3D, WinLab 32, ArcGIS, Web Designing, EPANET, ChemSketch
  • Proven project management skills: Involvement in 10+ international projects
  • Organisation and management skills- Strategy, feasibility & Risks/Opportunities Assessment
  • Literary skills: Technical writing e.g. report, proposals, articles, web-content, case study, concept paper
  • Materials procurement, vendor negotiation and conflict resolution

Proof of skills:
Sample Project Website:
Sample article on econometric analysis using STATA (Low birth weight vs smoking habit among pregnant mothers in Ireland)
Sample article on data management using SPSS (Bullying in Ireland)
Sample article on International Self Enforcing Environmental Agreements
Sample articles on experimental environmental research


Environmental Consulting | Renewable Energy Economics | Choice Modelling