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Organisation:                CONSULTING DESIGN ENGINEER
Designation:                Scientific Events Ltd (UK)
Period of Work:                Jan 2017-present

Appointed as India Project Consultant for Newton Fund - India-UK Collaborative Industrial Research & Development Programme 2015 project (Industrial research on a clean process for delivering arsenic free safe water to affected communities in India, File Ref: 102727, Application number: 69667-480252).
Bright Green Energy Foundation (BGEF, Bangladesh)
Consultant for installation of a water treatment pilot plant for in-situ arsenic removal at Comilla. Pilot plant has been installed successfully and under operation. This will be expanded to a full scale commercial project on its success ( ).

Organisation:        University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia        
Designation:        Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Period of Work:        July 2014 - Dec 2016

1. Research: Development of sustainable technologies under 3 interrelated areas of soil remediation, groundwater & wastewater treatment and Water resources management
2. Proposal for Funding: Preparation of national and international proposals for funding (2 awarded in last 2 years 1 from Newton Fund, 1 from Malaysian Govt)
3. Student Supervision: Chem Engg undergraduate final year research projects (4 supervised in 2 years);
4. Arrangement of Workshops, Conferences and Training Programs (8 workshops/ research meetings/training courses arranged in last 2 years) ;
5. Procurement of research materials and equipment;
6. Assisting Professor Mohd Ali Hashim in other academic duties (Lecture notes preparation, exam question assessment, course accreditation, funding proposal assesment, writing report for various meetings and events attended)
7. Management of research funding under Prof MA Hashim (Management of 2 different funding)

Projects involved:
1. "Integrated water resources management & planning system in Malaysia" British Council Institutional Link Fund: Newton-Omar Ungku project 2015-16 (Application ID 172690856);
2. "Affordable and Serviceable Iron removing filter for rural community - Prototype Research Grant Scheme (PRGS)  Malaysian Govt (PR002-2015A)

Organisation:        University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia        
Designation:        Research Assistant        
Period of Work:        July 2010 - June 2014

1. Literature review and desktop research
2. Designing of laboratory experiments and putting up experimental setups
3. Supervision of undergraduate students
4. Helping in tutorials and preparation of UG teaching materials
5. Field work as and when required, especially for the in-situ iron removal plant installation project
6. Analysis of samples and generation of relevant data
7. Preparation of manuscripts and project reports
8. Assisting the PI and experts in various academic tasks
9. Attending conferences and helping in knowledge dissemination
10. Various administrative tasks including procurement of project materials and research fund management

Project: In-situ remediation of groundwater contaminants (UMQUB6A-2011)        
This project is funded by University of Malaya as its collaborative project with Queen's University Belfast (UK) and Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd. I was the part of the research team and helped in installing a large scale in-situ groundwater treatment plant in Kelantan, Malaysia. I helped in designing, trouble shooting of the plant, preparation of progress reports and final project report.

Project: Heavy metal removal from groundwater by low-cost technology (THEQS2010A)
University of Malaya collaborated with Queen's University Belfast (UK) and Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd to install the a water treatment plant for iron removal at Kota Bharu, Malaysia. I was the part of the research team and helped in plant installation process and water sampling exercises.        

Organisation:        University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia        
Designation:        Principal Investigator        
Period of Work:        Aug 2011- Aug 2014

Project: Remediation of Contaminated Soil & Groundwater (PV102-2011A)
This laboratory based project was funded by Institute of Research Management and Monitoring (IPPP), University of Malaya. I designed and conducted series of experiments in laboratory to find out an environment friendly soil washing agent. I used the experimental set up that I designed during the last project earlier that year for factorial and optimization experiments using Design Expert (Stat-Ease) software. I published 4 research papers and attended a number of conferences during the course of this project.

Project: In-Situ Remediation of Contaminated Soil & Groundwater (PS100-2010B)
Funded by IPPP, University of Malaya, I performed literature review on existing soil and water treatment techniques and was able to publish two review papers in high ranking scientific journals. I was also able to design and fabricate my experimental setup which I will be using in future to conduct soil washing experiments.

Organisation:        Consulting Professional and Environmental Services
Designation:         Partner & In-Charge, Operations & Systems Division
Period of Work:        July,2009 - June 2010        

I was one of the partners to initiate  the company CPES registered with Govt of India for delivering professional certificate courses on environmental topics and third party HSE audit. I was responsible for putting together audit teams and resource persons for certificate courses, arrangement of logistics and day to day operations of the consultation activities. Additionally, I was involved in advertising, research and preparation of study materials for offered courses.

Organisation:                Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission
Designation:                 Team Leader, World Bank Project "Subterranean Arsenic Removal: Experiment to Delivery" (DM 06-880)
Period of Work:                Oct 2008 - June 2009        

Worked as the Team Leader of an international project  funded by the World Bank at Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission, India. The project team consisted of researchers from four European Universities viz. Queen's University-Belfast, UK; ISWA-Stuttgart University-Germany; Leiden University-The Netherlands and Universidad Miguel Hernandez-Spain.

Team Leading: I had to lead a team of 20 office and field staff and report to the Secretary of the RKVM;
International Liaison: I had to liaison with World Bank authority and EU partners for financial and research collaborations;
Research: As an Assistant Scientist, I had to prepare scientific reports and analyze the obtained data;
Project management: I had to ensure that the construction work follows deadlines agreed upon and the project ends in time.

This project has won a number of prestigious awards such as St Andrew's Prize- Scotland, Energy Globe (Water) Award- Austria, DELPHE Grants- India and Cambodia, UK Energy and Environment Award,  IChemE(UK) Dhirubhai Ambani Award and many more. Please check the website for more information.

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